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i miss the playground and the animals and digging up worms.

Der Lernplan sagt
.nicht h?ren nicht sehen nicht sprechen nicht atmen nicht schlafen
Mein Freund sagt, es sei Irrsinn, sieben Unipr?fungen innerhalb einer
Woche schreiben zu wollen. Mein Freund sagt, es sei Irrsinn, w?hrend der
Ferien f?r drei weitere Pr?fungen zu lernen. Mein Freund sagt, mein
neuer Stundenplan sei Irrsinn.
Ich sage, mein Pensum ohnehin zur?ckgeschraubt zu haben. Ich sage, das
Denken verlernt zu haben. Ich bemerke, er ist niemand, der ?ber den
Gartenzaun sieht. Ich sage: Wir sind seit vierzig Tagen zusammen, kennen
wir uns eigentlich?
Wie gestern: Anna, die gro?e Verunsicherung. A time to pretend.

21.1.09 10:13


put up with that beating restlessness you call a heart

nice things: the smell of another person on your cardigan, on your hair,
on your skin.
also: fragility.
you're all i need. you're all i need.

11.1.09 21:57

you know that i heart. everything about you.

well so now it might be cool to be uncool. christmas is just around the
corner, only i can't feel it. presents must be bought. exactly around
this time eight days ago we kissed for the very first time, but i am
afraid of your other reality. at first people are empty shells, then you
start to fill them with your own hopes and adventures and expectations
and then you start to recognise the impact and fullness that has already
been sitting there for quite some time longer than you have and then you
start to become afraid of not living up to this whole thing you
desperately longto call a relationship, but after only one week, what
is there to say, really? and what is there to know after knowing someone
a little closer for only four weeks? nothing, really, is there?
there'd be so much to feel right now, but i don't feel a whole lot. no
fear (that's good and rather promising) and hardly any heart when you
are not there right next to me. maybe the unfamiliarity with this kind
of situation and with you as a person is all it is, because what i see
now is nothing but a shell with something i can't place inbetween just yet.
is it a heart? is it a fire? is it a future?

22.12.08 00:02

haiku for you

Gl?cklich, ein Stein vom
Herzen gefallen ist mir
und du tr?gst die Schuld.

14.12.08 11:34

it's for you it's a gift you can take.

please write please write please write please write please

8.12.08 22:58

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